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Audio Presentations

B. F. Skinner’s Retirement Party
In 1974, when Skinner was 70 years old, he became Professor Emeritus at Harvard. His department held a party for him in the court of the Fogg Museum.
Brendan A. Maher, the chairman of the Department of Psychology and Social Relations, chaired the proceedings, which featured tributes by three of Skinner’s faculty colleagues: Richard J. Herrnstein (whose remarks start at 0:30), George C. Homans (5:00), and Willard V. O. Quine (11:50).
At 19:00 Professor Maher read messages from two absent colleagues, Jerome S. Bruner and Fred Mosteller, and then presented a first edition of Thoreau's Walden (“Walden One”) to Skinner, who responded (21:30) to the encomiums with remarks that include a behavioral analysis of “retirement.”
The tape is 33 minutes long. While not of professional quality, it is intelligible enough to capture the occasion.
[The note cards that Professor Quine used were added to a comprehensive site devoted to the philosopher (in a section of the home page entitled Audio Recordings of Quine.]

Four Questions in Four Minutes
In 1983, Armando Machado interviewed B. F. Skinner at the First European Meeting on the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, held in Liège, Belgium.

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