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* The Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis is a psychology journal that publishes research about applications of the experimental analysis of behavior to problems of social importance.

SEAB Partners with Publisher Wiley-Blackwell

The Society for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior (SEAB) has been publishing the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA) since the inception of the journal in 1968. Composed of scientists who serve 8-year terms, SEAB is assisted by business and managing editors to run the business of publishing four issues of JABA and six issues of the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior (JEAB) each year.
Technological advances, particularly the expansion of electronic publishing, have brought new challenges to the publishing business. The current SEAB board felt that it was time to partner with an expert, a company that understands and values scholarship and that will put our journals in front of a wider audience. I am delighted to announce that SEAB has selected Wiley-Blackwell to assist us in publishing, disseminating, marketing, and managing JABA and JEAB. A true partnership, the new arrangement ensures that SEAB and the editorial staff will retain control of the scholarly aspects of the journals while relying on Wiley-Blackwell’s expertise to produce, market, and promote our journals.
We will continue to use Scholar One as our manuscript processing portal, and Managing Editor Kathy Hill will continue to provide JABA with superior copy-editing services. Experts at Wiley- Blackwell will develop a new website for the journals that incorporates cutting-edge aspects of our current website and introduces some new features that will enhance the journals’ presence on the web. Electronic subscriptions, e-publishing, advertising, printing, and worldwide marketing are just a few of the areas that Wiley-Blackwell will help enhance for the journals. Our partnership with Wiley-Blackwell has begun already but will launch formally with the first issue of 2013 (Spring), which, coincidentally, will feature articles marking the 30th anniversary of the publication of the seminal paper on functional analysis. This partnership with Wiley-Blackwell will ensure that our journals continue to thrive for another 40-plus years.
---Dorothea Lerman, Editor, JABA
For Authors:
* JABA’s Current Editorial Board.
* ScholarOne Manuscript Submission (You might want to go to Preparation first.)
* Preparation of Manuscripts
* Copyright and Permissions
* NIH Policy on Enhancing Public Access to Archived Publications Resulting from NIH-Funded Research. Because we already provide all our contents to NIH’s PubMed Central upon publication, this requirement is satisfied for our authors. They need do nothing; see NIH Frequently Asked Questions, D/1/a. Access to the article’s PMC reference number (PMCID), required for some proposals and applications, is described at C/9.

* Mining our archives. Because our back issues have been scanned and served by PubMed Central, we can present several new pages that are largely based upon articles that were not previously available in an electronic format.
* Selected Articles Archive   Beginning shortly after this Web site was established in late 1994, electronic versions of a few “Selected Articles” from each new issue have been presented. The Editor will continue to designate a few articles or reviews with that title. Such papers will be featured in the current Table of Contents and added to this archive immediately upon publication.

* Search about 2,800 JABA abstracts—plus 4,000 from JEAB.
Search Page Conduct full-text searches of the abstracts from all articles published in JABA since 1968 and in JEAB since 1958. Enter an author’s name, or any other words of interest, and get back live links to every relevant abstract. The abstracts usually contain a link to the PDF version of the full article.
* JABA WebLog Traffic Reports
  • * As of August 29, 2011, the daily number of visitors to the JABA site during the past year had averaged 1,163. The most recent figure is given here, where much more usage data for the journal can also be found.
  • JEAB averaged 392 visitors per day over the same period. Its most recent year-long average is given right here.
* JABA Most Popular Articles
* A Short History of the journal, its founding and relationship to the Society for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior and JEAB, the first editorial board, highly cited articles, citation performance, etc.  Audio Presentations include remarks made by B. F. Skinner’s Harvard colleagues upon his retirement in 1974, plus his response.
* JABA Anthologies

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  An annotated guide to other relevant journals and organizations.
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   *    Tables of Contents for all issues that contain articles presented in electronic format. Those published from July 1996 until six months ago are available from this site at no cost in the PDF format. In addition, PubMed Central of the National Library of Medicine now presents all back issues of JEAB, from Volume 1 (1958) until six months ago. Again, there is no charge for access to the articles.
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  Descriptions of the Web sites of laboratory equipment suppliers, publishers, and others who advertise in JEAB and JABA, thereby contributing to the financial health of the journals.
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